Monday, 23 February 2009

Vaccines don't cause autism

Here are two links to actually help you decide if it's right to vaccinate your child. The first is from Orac, who possibly has the most integrity of any blogger I read regularly. I suggest you read the whole thing, as it contains a history of the 'controversy', and also details of the dishonesty shown by the anti-vaccination movement.

The second is a piece by Michael Fitzpatrick. Another brilliant piece.

One thing is clear from both pieces; the whole anti-vaccination movement isn't about looking for the truth, it's about the media looking for a story, and the willingness of some (disgraced) scientists (with vested interests) to provide them with one.

This subject had been debated for 11 years or more, with countless law suits and publicity, but there are no real victors here. Orac and Dr Fitzpatrick both make it clear that the losers here are the parents of autistic children, (and the children theselves) who have been led to believe that there is a reason for their child's condition, and that reason is vaccines. They have been hoodwinked by those with vested interests, lawyers, cynical opportunist physicians, but most of all, Dr. (not for much longer I hope) Wakefield. His dishonesty could possibly cost more than the monetary value of the court cases brought, it could cost lives.

Thanks again to Dr Fitzpatrick and Orac, spiked-online and Respectful Insolence


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