Thursday, 19 February 2009

Geert Wilders - Fitna

Firstly, here is the film Fitna, that caused all the fuss. I won't deny it has many horrible images contained within, but, like the film Shoah, is worth watching so you can be informed as to the contents of the argument to follow.

OK then, Mr Wilders was denied access to the UK and is being prosecuted in the Netherlands for inciting hatred, after making the film Fitna. Let's do a little time-line here.

March 27th 2008: the film Fitna is posted on the web for all to see. Possibly this was a Dutch language version, maybe for that reason little interest here in the UK. Except the BBC.

March 28th 2008: The general response is relief. It's milder than anticipated. but the 'Rushdie' Effect is feared, demonstrations by those who haven't seen the film/read the book. But no riots in the streets. Result.

January 21st: Wilders charged in the Netherlands, for inciting hatred . what he actually said was: according to the laws of the Netherlands, the Koran should be banned. His point was that 'Mein Kampf is banned in the Netherlands, and the Koran contains similar encitements to violence, so by this reasoning, it should be banned also. Subtle Devil's Advocate stuff, but irony lost on the Judges.

February 12th 2009: Wilders refused entry to UK despite being invited by Lord Pearson, that'd be Lord Pearson of the House of Lords. OK, he's UKIP and a bit uncentred, but the reactions to the whole thing were extraordinary. Wilders had been in the UK 2 weeks previously.

Wilders: "Democracy means differences and debate. It's a very sad day when the UK bans an elected parliamentarian... Of course I will come back."

PM Spokesperson:Mr Brown's spokesman said the prime minister "fully supports the decision" taken by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

Lord Pearson: a "matter of free speech", telling the BBC: "We are going to show it anyway because we think MPs and peers should see this film."

Lord Ahmed: "This man doesn't have any respect for law. He's doing this for publicity and he's seeking that and getting that."
He added: "If this man was allowed into this country it would certainly cause problems within communities around Britain."

The Muslim Council of Britain said Mr wilders was 'an open and relentless preacher of hate'.

And yet, we, as members of the UN are not allowed to question anything pertaining to Shariah Law, mention barbarism, genital mutilation of children etc... In fact, the whole concept of democracy is anathema to Islam. But because we are democratic, we allow everyone the same access to free speech, unless it criticises religion. Then it's a different matter entirely. I really don't understand how fragile their faith is that it cannot be criticised at all.

Don't get wrong, I think all religions are despicable, especially for the children who are taught to hate, but Islam is such a backward and literal religion that it could, because of our love of democracy, become a threat to the very democracy and freedom of speech we hold so dear.


p.s. I encourage you to visit and familiarise yourself with the dangers of religion. Oh, and don't forget to read The God Delusion too.

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