Thursday, 19 February 2009

Domestic violence?

I'm sure that this story has been given wide exposure due to the religious background of the man in question. Regardless, this is domestic violence taken to it's inevitable conclusion.

If this was some guy who was jewish or christian, would the story have quite the same impact?

Then again, he was trying to set up a pro-Islam TV station in the US, doubtless promoting its wonderful moral principles. Not so wonderful if you happen to be a woman though.

How long will it take before this kind of behaviour (murder, genital mutilation, beating and stoning, etc.) is roundly condemned in the UN and the EU? Nations practicing this barbarity have to be held to account somehow. Then again, we're not really allowed to mention religion in the UN anymore. Apparently, it shows a 'lack of respect'.

Mind you, things are no easier in the EU, as Geert Wilders found out when he tried to enter the UK this week. At the invitation of the House of Lords, no less.

Actually, it looks like we men have had our chance to do the right thing and failed. It seems that the sisters are doing it for themselves. I predict the outcome of this whole situation will be somewhere in the region of
Women of the world: WIN
Religious despots (mostly old repressed men): EPIC FAIL.

Here's a little piece about how women are treated by Islam. (thanks Ibn al-Rawandi)

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